Income Protection for Rideshare Drivers

Financial security for you and your family. Receive up to 80% of your normal rideshare income when you don't have a vehicle to drive after an accident.

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Very affordable for what you get
For what you get and what you have to pay out it really makes sense. A lot of insurance policies are expensive and you have to fight to get anything out of them. Kover is really affordable, and ...
Dorthey James

Extra protection
I like driving for Uber and I like driving Lyft, and I really think that they do try to do as much for the driver as they can, to make things easier. With Kover you get that little bit of extra ...
Veronica Shippee

I don’t have much patience
I don’t have much patience. Who wants to wait around when they have made a claim? When you have crossed all the Ts and dotted every i you don’t want to have to go through this long drawn out ...
Maddison Briggs

Covers 80% of your Rideshare Income.

Join the driver-funded mutual pool for a small weekly subscription fee. While your vehicle is in the collision center after an accident, you receive 80% of your average rideshare income until your vehicle is repaired.

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Have a 4.8 or higher Uber/Lyft rating? You qualify!

Minimum rating of 4.8 on both Uber & Lyft platform is required.

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You need a 4.8+ Uber/Lyft rating to qualify

We expect to maintain a high standard of clientele when it comes to income protection. Make sure you have a 4.8+ rating before applying.

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How Does it Work?

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Pay a Weekly Subscription

Your weekly subscription fee is pooled with the fees of other highly-rated rideshare drivers. does not profit from excess fees, so you never overpay.

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After an accident, file a claim

After an accident, you can file a claim directly on the website. Claims are reviewed algorithmically using impartial datasets. Most claims are approved in a few minutes.

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Payments sent directly to your bank

Payments equal to 80% of your rideshare income are sent weekly to your checking or savings account on file.

What exactly is covered?

File a claim when...

Payouts stop when...

a) You are involved in an accident (it doesn't matter if you are at fault); AND b) the vehicle you registered for Uber/Lyft is delivered to the repair shop.

a) Your repaired vehicle is returned to you; OR b) your maximum payout is reached.

Customize Your Coverage

Your average Uber + Lyft weekly income

Estimated Payout Per Accident

Estimate based on 6-week post-accident repair time


Weekly Premium: $12

Weekly Subscription

Cancel anytime. is backed by


Frequently Asked Questions

Big insurance companies have a big problem: they spend too much money. As a matter of fact, they waste hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars each year on outdated, manual processes. Then, they overcharge their customers to cover these extra expenses. decided to fix the broken insurance system. Artificial intelligence and blockchain smart contracts are used for end-to-end automation of the system. This revolutionary system results in near-zero operational costs! By cutting out the middleman, those savings can be passed directly on to you, the customer.

Big insurance companies spend hundreds of billions annually to maintain outdated, manual processes. Many literally still use IBM mainframes from fifty years ago! At, artificial intelligence and blockchain smart contracts are used to automate the process from end to end. This means no humans in the loop, which results in massive cost-savings. Those savings are passed directly to you.

Absolutely! The terms are simple and clear, with no caveats. You pay a small weekly subscription fee in exchange for coverage that can repay you 80% of your income due to an accident. is backed by MetLife Insurance, the largest insurance carrier in the United States, and Techstars, a prestigious venture capital firm and incubator program. We also have a 4.9 user satisfaction rating and numerous customer reviews across a variety of review sites.

The average time for customers to sign up is 58 seconds. Just answer some simple questions, add your payment info, and you’re set!

No, all coverages are subscription-based, like Netflix. You pay a monthly or weekly premium and can cancel anytime.

Yes, it will auto-renew by default, like Netflix. You can cancel anytime.

Just go to your user settings on our website ( and click “Cancel my subscription”.

Your policy renews by default. You can cancel anytime. protects you against loss of income after an auto accident. After an accident, your car might be in the repair shop for several weeks and you may not be in the best physical or mental condition to get back out on the road. This is where the Rideshare Income Protection comes into play. It covers up to 80% of your income, up to $10,000, or until you get your vehicle back.

Our monthly premium is 2% of your monthly income, billed weekly. If you earn, on average, $2,400 a month driving for Uber and Lyft combined, your premium would only be $12 per week.’s back-end systems are completed automated and, since we do not profit from excess subscription fees, this is, by far, the lowest rate on the market.

Payout is up to 80% of your normal monthly rideshare income, calculated across the previous six months. If your driving history is less than 6 months, your entire driving history will be used to calculate your monthly rideshare income. The maximum total payout is $10,000.

Just click ‘File a claim’ on our website’s homepage ( Most claims are automatically reviewed by within minutes. Once approved, your first payout is made instantly.

Please have your driver’s license, license plate number, and VIN number ready. Most claims are automatically reviewed by within minutes, but it may take longer or require additional documents if there is inconsistent or incomplete data.

No. protection comes with no deductible.

Once your claim is approved, the first payment will be made to your account instantly. You can then immediately transfer funds to your bank. Depending on your banking institution, it may take from 1-7 days for funds to arrive in your checking or savings account.